1/ What are the differences between Waterproof, Semi water proof, Dipping Wood, Hard wood and Block Wood?

Water proof Wood is that it is Cent percent resistant and flexible to Water. In case, it is Semi water Proof, the amount of Water proof quality is only 50 percent. Dipping Wood is that type of Wood which is dipped with one layer of vibrant Colour coating. Hard Wood is also the raw type of Wood or else the direct Wood available. Finally, Block Wood is meant majorly for Doors.

2/ Do the different types of hinges (Aluminium, Steel, Powder Coating, Gold Coating, Box Hinges) vary and in case it is so, in what angle does it vary?

Aluminum Hinges are lesser in Price and made of Cent percent Aluminium, whereas Steel Hinges are made of pure Steel and it costs more than Aluminium. Powder Coating is brown and the Powdered form is encoated on the Aluminium. It is more in price compared to Aluminium but perversely higher compared to Steel. Gold coating is nurtured on Steel and the price is higher slightly than Steel. All these Hinges vary in sie and are used on the Doors and Windows.

Box Hinge is nothing but a Cupboard Hinge which is used for Cupboards.


Note kindly that all the Paints will have necessarily a Base Coat which is white in colour. Post this, the shades are offered by the Company and these are sealed. Depending on the choice of our Clients, the colour liquids will be blended and provided finally to our Esteemed Clients. At this point of time, after the client’s decision, the sealed shades are unsealed finally for the Mixing process.

1/ What is Interior Paint and Exterior Paint?

Any Paint which is applied on the Walls of the Interior surface of any Building or else Infrastructure is called Interior Paint. Any type of Paint which is applied on the External walls are addressed as Exterior Paints.

Distember and OBD are the same. It has two varities named Tractor UNO and UNO Arclic. Tractor UNO is less in Price compared to UNO Arclic. These cost the least within the category of Interior Paints. Such an Interior paint is applied on the Rough Walls. A layer of Lapam is applied initially post which, the distember is encoated on the Lapam. Lapam iself is a very thin layer. Therefore, the Distember encoating which needs to be applied on the Lapam will should be a shade darker.

2/ What is Tractor Emulsion?

Tractor Emulsion is a type of Interior paint which is comprising basically two types : Premium and Advanced Emulsion. Both these types are higher in Price compared to the Distember. Firstly, the layer of Lapam should be applied post which, the Premier should be encoated and then the colour finally.

3/ Let us know in detail about Royal Emulsion.

Royal Emulsion is the highest in Price and Quality amongst all Interior Paints. Royal Emulsion has few variety of Shades such as Royal Shine, Royal Mat, Royal Aspira and Royal Play. Royal Play acts as the Base coat for Royal Emulsion. After applying Lapam, we need to apply any one of the shades of Royal Emulsion. It is left on the choice of our Eminent Clients.

Royal Play entouches a Marble like shade. The Putty should be applied initially after which the Premier should be applied. Post this, the Base coat should be applied along with the addition of Top Coat.

4/ Tell us something about the Exterior Paints.

Exterior Paints can be categorised from the lowest to the Highest based on the two mandatory parameters of Price and Quality.

  • Ace Base is of the least Price and Quality.
  • Ace Advance comes next in the list.
  • Apex is higher compared to both Ace Base and Ace advance.
  • Post Apex, we have the Apex Advance.
  • Apex Ultima comes the next after Apex Advance in terms of Quality and Price.

For all the above mentioned, a layer of Lapam should be applied. Following this layer, the Premier, which is nothing but the Base Coat should be applied. Post this, the Ace and Apex category of Paints need to be applied.

In case of Apex Ultima, the Base layer varies. The Lapam should be followed strictly by Ultima Base Coat.



1/ What is Enamel?

Enamel is something which imparts Shining to both the Wood, Walls and Metal Surfaces. It comprises either an Oil or else a Water Base. Apcolite Premium Gloss Enamel comprises an Oil Base. Apcolite Premium advanced High Gloss Enamel also comprises an Oil Base but is higher in Price and Quality compared to the former.

Apcolite can be used on all the Three types of surfaces, that is, Wood, Walls and Metal surfaces.

Apcolite Premium Satin Enamel is also an Oil Base. This will not impart a finishing in the Shining but will impart rather a Matt finish.

2/ What is Royal Enamel?

Royal Enamel comprises a Water Base. This can be used SPECIFICALLY only for Interior Walls compared to the Apcolite, which is used for any type of Wall. Royal Enamel is used mostly in Hospitals, Showrooms and large Commercial Complexes and also Independent Houses.

2/ What is Wood Finishing?

Wood Finishing is applied specifically on Wooden structures such as Windows, Doors and any type of Furniture. It comprises broadly three types:

  • Mymanalan costs the least and is the least in Quality.
  • PU stands next in the list and finally we have PU Emporium.

Protocol for using all the three types of Wood Finishing:

Initially, the Sealers should be applied for all the three and each of the Three Sealers vary within each type. After the necessary application of the Sealer, it depends on the choice of the Client whether to opt for the Glossy coating or else the Matt coating.

Note Kindly: In case any type of discrepancy arises during the Warranty period of the specific Product from a specific company, we request our Pioneer Clients to call up the concerned Customer care Executives who hail from the respected organisation and address directly so that the Service providers of that specific Company can reach at your desired place to take care and do the needful.

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